Friday, August 8, 2014

The Magic of Electric Pulse Massage Belt

The magic of Abdominal Belt 

So what is about the Electric Pulse Massage Abdominal Belt that captures millions all over the world?
It helps relieve pain in minutes, takes care of monthly cramps, promotes relaxation.

But the big question is can this small device really help tone your belly and promote building muscle? The answer is simple: Yes, yes and YES!

The fun part is that you don’t have to go to the gym – you can just use it anytime and anywhere – from work, while watching TV.  

So how does it work?
  • Electromuscle Stimulation (EMS or eStim) devices generate electrical impulses that trigger an action potential in muscle nerve fibers (motor neurons). This is done by sending small, safe electrical impulses to the muscles via specially designed, medical grade electrodes that adhere on the surface of the skin just above where the nerves attach to the muscles.
  • EMS is used extensively in hospitals (for healing), health clubs (for training) and spas as part of the beauty regime and by physiotherapists and in sports medicine clinics to treat those annoying sports strains and sprains.
  • EMS devices that are FDA cleared for sale for the purpose of strengthening, toning and recovering healthy muscles are safe and dependable when used as directed.
What can it do for you?
An Electric Pulse Massage Belt does the following:
  • It can recruit and synchronize more fibers in any muscle group to perform work or exercise. The brain typically recruits only about 40-50% of the muscle fibers.
  • It can create more muscle activity in muscles being worked. The brain has a "limiting switch" that always keeps some of the muscle in reserve for an emergency.
  • It can target specific muscle fibers. The brain cannot discern between these fiber types.
  • Prevent the psychological fatigue of exercise.
With Electronic Pulse Massage Belt, you can control the strength, mode and time of operation.

Try it for yourself and you decide if it really works. To find more information, visit: www.EliKing.Com