Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Fun

Now that we are all coming out of our hibernation shell and getting back to the things we love to do in the great outdoors, many of us are realizing that we aren’t as young and resilient as we used to be! Isn’t growing old grand? As the weather heats up and you hit the pavement, remember your body doesn’t heal as quickly as when you were younger!  Many of us are so excited to catch a little bit of sun on our walk or ride that we forget to ease into the activities that we haven’t done during the cold of winter.  Here are some tips to remember when hitting the trails or beginning a workout regimen now that the weather is playing nice.

  1. Ease into it. Just because you ran 5 miles last year, doesn’t mean that your body is ready to go all the way right out the gate.
  2. Stretch! Your body needs a good stretching
  3. Remember to drink lots of water. With all the sweating you will now be doing, your body will need to remain hydrated
  4.  Don’t forget to rest. If you start to feel tired, it’s OK to take a break. Don’t push your body too hard.
  5. Some movement is better than none. Even if you just go for a walk around the block a few times, at least you are moving your body, getting the blood circulating, and getting your joints back in action.
  6. Don’t forget your pets. Your pets need exercise as well, but remember not to push them too hard either

Even while taking precautions, your body can still feel the strain of the added pressure on joints and muscles being used that haven’t in a while. Treat those aches and pains not with pain medicine, but the natural way… the IPRO Massager!

IPRO Massager, is an Electronic Pulse Massager that sends electronic pulses to your muscles through the massage pads, and has different modes. By contracting and relaxing your muscles, I PRO Massager relieves pain and creates a massage sensation. The IPRO Massager releases the stress in minutes: It sends electronic pulses to target areas such as shoulders, back, knees, arms, legs or feet - all by placing the small pads on the body part. 

You can use the I PRO Massager on almost every muscle on your body. The technology helps circulate blood and passively exercises muscles. Best results are achieved when you apply the pads to, or next to a painful area or muscle and let I PRO Massager do the work.  More, the device allows you to control the different modes and strength, so you can get your personal desired levels. It's easy to operate and because of its small size, it's portable and you can take it with you wherever you go. You can even let it work your muscles while you work, walk, study or watch TV - it does the work for you with no effort at all.

So get out there and enjoy the nicer weather, work your body to stay in shape, and use the IPRO Massager instead of pain relievers to bounce your body back into tip top shape!