Monday, June 29, 2015

The Perfect Gift!

I know that you have seen our posts talking about how to use our IPROMassagers and the benefits from doing so, but I witnessed something recently that shocked me, and it was directly related to the IPRO! Please indulge my story if for no other reason than to maybe get a laugh at my fixation of trying to make people around me happy. 

Father’s day was right around the corner and my husband and I were racking our brains to figure out what to get dad... He has all the sports hats, shirts, flags, pennants, cups, footballs... etc.! Just once we (ok maybe just I) would like to get the WOW gift. One that he raves about! So often we get him a gift that we know he doesn’t really need, but he will pretend to be stoked only to never see the gift again! (Where do all of those gifts go?)

 I explained to my husband that I thought that his dad would be a perfect candidate to try the IPRO Massager as he always issues with his back, knees, elbows, neck - you name it, it aches! My idea was met with some criticism, and I was told that his dad had one of those years ago and he didn’t like it because he didn’t get any relief from it and would end up just throwing the thing away. I, always the optimist, didn’t let that phase me and got his dad one anyway! My husband, ever so sweetly, reminded me not to get my hopes up because his dad just isn’t really excitable and my dream of wowing him will most likely be met with disappointment. (In so many words) 

Still determined…I shared the news with my husband’s sister thinking she would be able to give me that reassuring nudge I was looking for that she at least thought that he would use it – No such luck! She thought that I should take it back and save the money because her dad would never use it… UGH :(

Still not one to be defeated, I put the IPRO massager in the gift bag and we headed over to the parents’ house ever ready to hear I told you so… you never listen…he’s my dad, I know what he likes!! When present time came I started to get hesitant and contemplated just keeping it and giving him money!! LOL Here it is the moment of truth – he is opening it… He was SO excited! (Me too) He had said that he was online recently looking for one and being that he is somewhat new to the internet world, found himself lost in a sea of information about these devices.

I felt proud that I finally succeeded in getting the WOW gift and let him know that I would show him how to use it and that he could call me anytime if he had any questions.  We left that night and I expected to get a couple of calls the next day – but nothing. I was certain that he must not have tried it yet and that soon, I would have to explain – nothing!! OMG – did I really get a dud, was he appeasing me because my husband told him to act excited? Did his daughter pull him aside to tell him that I might be crushed if he doesn’t love it, so put on a good show?  Man, it’s tough to be an in-law!!

A week had passed, I hadn’t heard anything from dad, and I was over it! I will try again next year and next time, I will succeed… maybe a fish tank like the one Ray Barone gave his dad… I have a whole year to put that plan into action :)
We visited this weekend and I decided I wouldn’t even bring up IPROMassager, or the fact that if he didn’t like it, he could give it back to me and I could find someone who would  (no, it is not my habit to take gifts back and try to re-gift them but hey – this was a great gift! Somebody should enjoy it!!) Surprise – I didn’t have to! When we came in, he was using it!! He loves it!! It is so easy to use he said!! He has been using it every day he told me!! 

Well, mission accomplished - It took me 17 years, but I finally did it! I can’t lie, it felt good to give someone relief from constant pain. To see that he seemed lighter on his feet, ready for whatever we wanted to do, to see him HAPPY – was great. 

I looked at my husband and did what any good wife would do… whispered I told you so!